Stop gaffing me off!

"Get your hands out of your pockets!" "Tuck that shirt in Marine!" "You Gaffin’ me off?" Gaffin - is that even a word?

Marines - We’ve all been there. Gunny has nothing better to do than ride you for the most non-sensical BS. While we’re still in, it’s painful, it’s demoralizing. But let’s face it, when we get out - it’s funny as hell to tell stories about.

Anyone else remember marching to chow? A bunch of grown-ass men...marching to chow.

I recall one time I was walking back from chow. I guess they figured since they marched me to the chow hall just about every day that we could figure our way back? I don’t know. Anyway, I was walking back with the Lance Corporal posse when a car with a blue sticker in the windshield passed by. We all noticed it, but we were deep in what could only be described as intellectual conversation.

Shortly after the car passed I heard a squelch of the tires. We looked back and it was reversing towards us! The door flies open and out jumps the base commander, a two star general. He walks over to Staff Sergeant, who was meandering behind us and lit - him - up for not saluting him. I mean he tore into this dude, put him at the POA and didn’t hold back. Man, Staff Sergeant was pissed, but we all had a good laugh.

This is one of many examples of BS that I plan to post on this blog. In the mean time, I’d love to hear y’all stories. Post your stories below and become eligible for a free T-shirt.