Should I Wear an Undershirt? The Great Debate Explained

There's an age-old question in men's fashion, and if you're trying to look your best, it's one that needs an answer. Every guy is different, with different fashion choices for all levels of self-confidence. But when it comes down to who wears undershirts and who doesn't, what should a man do? Obviously, there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument. Today, we'll explore the pros and cons together!

Why Do Men Wear Undershirts in the First Place?

There are several reasons why a man might choose to wear an undershirt,  with two of the biggest being for support and comfort. If you're trying to fill out your clothes, an undershirt will give the extra support that most shirts don't provide on their own. This means you'll never have to worry about your shirt popping open or drooping down - even if you've got a big belly! But there's also the issue of comfort. Undershirts are worn closest to the skin for a reason - they're breathable and more comfortable than long-sleeved shirts. Wearing an undershirt can make even the most casual shirt look like dress wear, and it's definitely worth trying! Plus, if you're not the most confident with your body,  it's a great way to cover up any skin you're self-conscious of.

Why Don't Men Wear Undershirts?

For every argument, there's an opposing one. Men often argue that undershirts can make you look bulkier and it isn't worth the hassle to wear them. It can be an inconvenience to take off your shirt and put on another one when you're getting ready in the morning, and some men even argue that wearing a T-shirt under their regular shirt can ruin the texture or cleanliness of their clothing! So, it's important to take all these things into account before you make a final decision. Plus, choosing to not wear an undershirt can show off your body, which does take an extra level of confidence.

The Pros and Cons of Undershirts

Like I mentioned earlier, there are many reasons to wear an undershirt. Even if you're confident in your skin and don't want to cover up every day of the week,  wearing one can still be beneficial for certain occasions. But if you do decide to go without one, it may be a good idea to have a backup T-shirt on hand to throw over your clothes if someone starts getting a peek!

Pros of Undershirts

- Breathable and more comfortable than long-sleeves

- Fills out the body to show off muscles and cover up the skin (if you're not confident)

- Keeps your clothes looking their best because it's against your skin, not another shirt

- Extra support

- Hides skin tone and body imperfections (if you're not confident)

Cons of Undershirts

- Can make you look bulkier (depending on the size and style of the undershirt)

- It can be inconvenient to wear an undershirt instead of a T-shirt under your shirt since you have to take off your clothes and put on another one

- Your undershirt can ruin the texture or cleanliness of your clothes if you wear it under a shirt instead of as an extra layer (most men argue this)

How Many Undershirts You Should Own

Let's be real - we're all about practicality here. The amount of undershirts a guy owns is going to vary, but more often than not, one or two per week is enough! As for material and style,  it's really up to you. There are no rules in fashion so you can wear whatever color and design you want as long as it makes you feel confident. Undershirts can be a great accessory to any man's wardrobe,  and it can be fun to mix things up from time to time.

When Should You Wear an Undershirt?

The order of your shirt layers is important for staying warm but also keeping the right amount of breathing room. Undershirts are worn closest to the skin under a long-sleeve shirt, and sometimes even over a T-shirt depending on how cold it is and whether you'll be outside for a while. Undershirts can be worn under a sweater or a blazer, and they also make a great pairing for a casual, collared shirt. It's all up to you! If you're not confident in your skin, an undershirt can make even the most casual shirt look dressier by covering up those skin imperfections. But if you do decide to go without one under your dress shirt, you can always throw on a T-shirt over it if someone nabs a peek at your bare skin!

How to Choose the Best Undershirt For Your Body Type

Undershirts are often made out of cotton, but you can also find them in bamboo, silk, and other high-quality materials. Cotton is very breathable which makes it comfortable for all seasons, but sometimes you might want to switch it up depending on the weather. A good undershirt definitely isn't cheap, so it's definitely worth it to do a little research before you buy!

- Slim Fit: If you have a slim build, consider going for something more form-fitting with a V-neck that's not too low.  It will help your body look proportional and add that extra layer of confidence when it comes time to take off your shirt in front of someone else.

- Athletic Fit: If you have broad shoulders and/or a muscular build, an athletic fit will give your muscles the support they need so it doesn't look like you're wearing another shirt. You can also go for something more form-fitting since your body already has that muscle definition!

- Regular Fit: A regular fit is loose and hangs like a regular T-shirt. If you're not confident in your body, this loose fit will hide any imperfections and make you look thinner than you really are!

When Not To Wear an Undershirt

If you're not self-conscious about wearing your shirt unbuttoned, it's totally fine to go without one now and then! A lot of men find that having skin-baring options can be freeing, but if you're super comfortable with your body, don't let anyone tell you what to do. You can always ask someone out on a date and see if they prefer guys who wear T-shirts or if it's something they like in their man.

If you're still not sure if you should wear one or not, ask your friends and family what they think. If most of them say that it's a turn-off, then an undershirt is probably the way to go! However, if they say that it looks attractive on you, don't feel pressured to start wearing an undershirt.

Some Alternatives to Undershirts

If you're having trouble getting used to wearing an undershirt, there are some alternatives that might help!

- Try putting on a white T-shirt over your shirt before you walk out the door in the morning. This will give you something to hide behind if someone takes a peek at your bare skin! The contrast between the white T and your shirt will also help with the illusion.

- Put on an extra layer every now and then to see if you prefer layers or not! If it gets too hot, just take off that sweater, blazer, etc.

- Wear shirts with patterns like plaids or stripes that cover up your skin imperfections without making you feel restricted!

Wearing an undershirt has nothing to do with how confident you are. Many men find that covering up the skin on their upper body is more comfortable and results in fewer sweat stains, especially if they work outside or play sports. However, some men choose not to wear one as a way of showing off what they've got! No matter which way you go, the decision is yours.

So What's the Verdict?

At the end of the day, whether or not you wear an undershirt is really up to you. If you're unsure, start off by wearing one, and then try taking it off to see how you like it! If you like the way an undershirt feels and looks underneath your shirt, then continue wearing them. If not, then don't feel pressured into buying something that will end up collecting dust in your dresser drawer.

Final Thoughts

Undershirts are definitely not dated, and there's nothing wrong with having another layer between you and the world. However, if you do decide to wear one or not is completely up to you! You never know until you try it out, so don't be afraid to experiment every now and then. People will either find it attractive or they won't - but don't let them make you change what you're wearing. If you're looking for comfortable t-shirts that can double as an undershirt for any outfit, check out our men's and women's tees. Happy styling!