How Should a Shirt Fit? Read This Before You Get Your Next One

Shirts come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes. However they are designed to fit your personal style and body type.

To get the best fitting shirt for you it is important to know what type of shirts suit your body type and how they should fit. In order to identify what kind of shirt is best suited for you, it's important to know which category your body falls into: slim, average or curvy. 

Once you know your body type it is easy to choose your fit!

How to Determine Your Body Type

There are three major body types for men: Slim, average or curvy. Each of these body types can be further divided into other subcategories. The perfect shirt varies according to the category you fall under. For example a slim man with an athletic build needs a slightly different fit than his slimmer counterpart - so being able to determine your own body type is necessary before you pick out a shirt.

An athletic build is one of the most popular male body types - but how do you know if that's what your body type is? If you work out often, have a slim waist and muscular arms, shoulders and chest then you're most likely an athlete. Slim men with athletic builds tend to do better in slim fit shirts that are tailored to their body type. An athletic build isn't just determined by your muscle mass, but also the shape and structure of your body. So even if you're not an athlete, if your torso is long and lean then you're probably sporting this look.

Since slim men with athletic builds tend to have longer torsos, they need to pay close attention to the length of their shirts. If their shirts are too long it'll make them look disproportionate, but if its too short then they run the risk of exposing themselves when they lift their arms up.

An average body type is the most common male body type. Most men fall under this category. Average body types are characterized by average muscle size, an average waistline and a slim midsection. So if your torso isn't long, but its not short either then you're probably sporting an average build.

Average men tend to look best in a well fitting slim fit shirt. Slim fit shirts help to define a man's shoulders and chest, while camouflaging his midsection. Material is also an important quality for average men because it helps to add or subtract bulk depending what the fabric has been constructed with. This is especially true when it comes to casual shirts such as flannel and chambray button-ups.

A Curvy body type is used to describe men whose upper torsos are larger than their midsections. This build is characterized by broad shoulders, a large chest and back with a smaller waistline. If your torso resembles the letter "H" or "U" then you probably have a curvy body type

A man with a stockier build has less worry about proportion. These men look better in casual shirts that are looser-fitting. Loose fitting shirts balance out their upper bodies while drawing attention to their lower bodies by creating contrast between the two body parts

Additionally, men with bigger midsections should always wear v-neck shirts to help define their necklines and create a proportioned look. V-necks also help to define the upper body and make it appear smaller.

How Should Your Shirt Fit?

Well-fitting shirts help define the body and make you appear taller. The fit of your shirt should be snug - but not tight. You shouldn't be able to pinch any excess fabric, but there shouldn't be too much space either. Here's a tip: its easier to alter a shirt that has plenty of extra room than one that fits closely.

Shirts should skim your body without hugging it. Make sure to try on shirts before you buy them when you have the opportunity, because different brands fit differently.

When trying on a shirt pay attention to the armholes and shoulders - they should be comfortable but not restrictive. Additionally, check yourself out in the mirror from all angles - if something looks amiss then feel free to try another shirt. The last thing you want is the perfect shirt, but it doesn't look good on you because its ill-fitting.

Dealing with Casual Wear and T-Shirts

T-shirts and casual wear should be comfortable, but they shouldn't limit your movement either. If you can't lift your arms up then loose fitting t-shirts aren't for you. Here's a tip: if you like to work out or stay active, make sure to size down when buying t-shirts because baggy t-shirts will only get in the way during your next workout.

Casual wear shirts should skim you body, but not cling to it. This particular shirt is too tight around the chest and underarm areas which will restrict movement while adding unnecessary bulk to the midsection. On the other hand this shirt fits well because its tailored without being restrictive throughout the upper body.

T-shirt fit  is all about preference. Comfort is the most important factor to consider when finding a t-shirt - if you feel restricted then its too small, but loose fit won't flatter you either. For a relaxed fit go for a t-shirt thats true to your size.

If you're looking for a more fitted look then try sizing down or going up a size if the shirt is oversized. Additionally, avoid wearing t-shirts that are faded out or too baggy - they tend to make men look larger than they actually are.

How Should Your T-Shirt Fit?

T-shirts should fit comfortably without being baggy or restrictive. If it's baggy its bulky and doesn't flatter your body. If its too tight it will be obvious that you're trying to hide something, and the fabric will cling to your midsection which isn't flattering either.

Don't be discouraged if none of the shirts fit perfectly because there are other factors to consider before making a purchase including fabric content and texture. If you have any questions we're happy to help you find your fit, but remember that the most important thing is to be comfortable. If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, don't be afraid to return the shirt - most stores are really good about taking clothes back as long as they haven't been worn.

Be sure to keep the bigger picture in mind when shopping for clothes. Don't let yourself get caught up with minor details like how your favorite shirt was shrunk during the wash - remember that all shirts fit differently and there are always other options.

The best way to find your fit is to try on different styles, sizing, colors and patterns until you find the perfect one. When you do make sure to stock up on similar shirts so you can always be confident when you get dressed in the morning - that's when your shirt game is at its best!

Finding a Quality Shirt that Fits is Easy!

If you have an average build then find a slim fit shirt in a breathable fabric such as cotton, linen or modal which will help to define your body while staying stylish and comfortable.

Men with stockier builds can get away with looser clothing because it balances out their upper bodies. Feel free to grab a casual shirt in your favorite colors, patterns and fabrics - but be mindful of the fit.

You can't go wrong with t-shirts because they are loose fitting by design, but you need to make sure there is enough room throughout the midsection so that its not restrictive. If you're buying for an activity then consider sizing down because baggy t-shirts will only get in your way.

A Curvy build is similar to men with average body types, but you can pull off looser clothing without looking unkempt. Wearing tighter clothes might make you look bigger than you really are so be mindful of what you wear. For an outfit that is both stylish and comfortable, try pairing a slim fit shirt with straight leg jeans - it will show off your waistline while adding in proportion.

Your shirt should fit  in all the right places.  As long as your shirt doesn't limit movement and you feel comfortable in it then that is what truly matters. Make sure to check yourself out in the mirror from every angle and if something looks off then its time to try another one on! A shirt should fit well without being too tight.  If it's too loose then it will make you look bulky when in reality its only adding unnecessary bulk to your midsection - which isn't flattering. If your shirt is too tight, don't fret because there are plenty of shirts that will flatter your body type including t-shirts and casual wear. The most important thing is to be comfortable - when you feel good about your shirt you'll look good in it too!

What to NOT Do When Buying a Shirt

A slim fit shirt will make you look good, but it shouldn't be too tight. This shirt hugs the chest and underarm area which is not flattering if you have an average or stockier body type. If you wear this while working out then it will only get in the way - the same goes for casual wear too.

Don't buy a shirt that is too big because it will overwhelm your body just as much as one that's too tight. This particular shirt is so loose fitting around the chest and underarm area which makes it look bulky - its better to have a fitted shirt in this case. If you have an average build then size up when buying a shirt for casual wear.

If your shirt is too big then it can fall off the shoulder which is not flattering to anyone. For average and stockier builds, always size up for casual wear because you want plenty of room throughout the chest and midsection areas.

Don't let yourself get caught up with minor details like how your favorite shirt was shrunk during the wash - fix it by getting a new shirt with the same design because you can always use another one.

Don't buy a shirt that is too small because it will make you look like a child which isn't a good look on anyone. For every day wear, always size up but don't let yourself go overboard either. You need to have enough room in the midsection area for it to look proportional otherwise you are simply adding extra bulk.

If the fabric is too thin then it won't last as long as a thicker material which makes it more expensive in the long run. The same goes for if you're buying a t-shirt - go with a thicker cotton to ensure that its durable and comfortable. Wearing something that doesn't fit you well will only make you look sloppy, so find something that compliments your body type and personality!

A great fitting shirt is easy to find when you're able to look beyond the size. If it fits well then it will flatter your natural shape, but if it feels restricting then return it and try a different size. A t-shirt  should be comfortable enough to wear during casual activities, and a dress shirt should look good without being too tight.

Casual shirts should fit well without being too tight. If you're a stockier build then go for something looser, but if you have an average or slim build then find something that fits your body perfectly. If the shirt isn't long enough to cover your entire stomach then its too short! Now get shopping and be comfortable in your own skin - no matter what your body type is!

Final Thoughts

Here at Liberty Risq, we pride ourselves on providing comfortable, fashionable casual-wear for men and women of all shapes and sizes. With the right attitude, style can be your greatest accessory! Your style is more than just your shirt.  It's how you wear it, and your fashion sense can make or break an outfit. Are you looking for your next casual shirt? Then be sure to check out our shop today!